"Kickflip" is a photographic project presented as a video game, and it materializes in an interactive audiovisual installation.

Kickflip (Quarter Pipes) – Installation views at Obertura Carabanchel Art Fair. Madrid, November 2023.

This work compiles the personal history of a group of people whose adolescence converged in the same space—the skatepark of a small Spanish town called Tudela—during the 2000s decade.

Like an act of shared memory retrieval, the viewer navigates through this place using the controller to discover the different narrative threads. These threads are composed of photographs, found documents, and voice recordings. 

Kickflip 0.2 (Playable Prototype Build) – Gameplay demonstration with controller prototype.

Within each thread, a person related to this group of friends talks about their own experiences, providing new perspectives on topics related to adolescence, such as school failure, the discovery of own sexuality and identity, or the exploration of the musical subcultures.

Kickflip – Screenshot of Stage 2 (Navigation).

Kickflip (Two Quarter Pipes) – Installation views at Obertura Carabanchel Art Fair. Madrid, November 2023.
Kickflip – María First Recording. Narrative Thread in Stage 1 (Screenshot).

Kickflip – Tudela 2000s Context. Narrative Thread in Stage 1 (Screenshot).

Kickflip – High School Yearbooks. Narrative Thread in Stage 1 (Screenshot).

These testimonies not only reflect on the nuances of our own history, but also aim to critically review the stereotypes, behaviors, values and aspirations of middle-class teenagers who have grown up in small towns.

Kickflip – Screenshot of Stage 1 (Navigation).

Photography and Game Design

Ignacio Navas

Vernacular Documents

Ignacio Navas' family friends, and unidentified authors.

Voice and Narration

Álvaro Embid
María Hernandez
Eduardo Tristan
Rubén Martinez
Ignacio M. Hierro
Lucila Garijo
Ignacio Navas

Graphic Design

Jorge G. Higuera

Audio Recording

Álvaro Embid
Ignacio Navas

Original Soundtrack



Ignacio Navas

Translation & Proofreading

Rosalía Ramos
Sarah Blanquet