Kickflip 0.3 (Portable Prop Installation) at La Embajada Arles, France

Kickflip is being shown at La Embajada, an unofficial platform to showcase contemporary photography made in the Spanish context. If you are at the Rencontres d'Arles Festival, please come by and say hi! (74 Rue Portagnel).


Sarah Love Story, screenshot from Kickflip 0.3 Vertical Slice

I'm happy to share some exciting news that has happened over the past months: I have been selected to attend the Plat(t)form program this year. This is a program run by Fotomuseum Winterthur, an annual event where 42 selected international photographers and artists offer insight into their work. 

Prototype of a controller, created for Kickflip 2023

Kickflip (exhibition edition) has received the Plastic and Visual Arts Support Fellowship from the Navarre Government. I'm very grateful for this support, so it's time to work hard!


Kickflip 0.3 (Quarter Pipes) Installation views at Revela’t Festival May 2024

Until June 16th, version 0.3 of Kickflip (Vertical Slice) will be showcased at the Revela’t Photography Festival in Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona). Book your tickets here.


The final action of the Photoworks Digital Residency Programme is a virtual studio visit where I talk about my creative process. You can watch the video here.


As part of the Photoworks Digital Residency Programme. We have release an overview on Photography and Video Games. You can watch it here.


I’m very happy to share that I’m taking part in the Photoworks Digital Residency Programme. You can take a look at the Artist Biography, the Image Gallery, the Instagram Takeover and a Conversation with Daniel Ariel.