Projects that explore the photographic medium.


I currently live in Arganzuela, a neighborhood in Madrid that has undergone multiple transformations. Initially, it was part of the outskirts of the city, then it was transformed by the Madrid Expansion Plan, in 1860, to configure it as one of the key points of the city's industrial development. After the closure of its factories and train stations, over the years it was revitalized due to its proximity to the city center. Recently, the extension of metro line 11 has been announced, which will connect the neighborhood to the airport, so presumably, driven by market logics, the neighborhood will change again.

As in any other place, the dominant structures and the lifestyle of its inhabitants are reflected in its physiognomy and idiosyncrasy, in the materials used for its construction, or in the signs of its shops. These popular textures describe the composition and everyday life of the neighborhood, the aspirations and yearnings of its inhabitants, as well as their complexities and prejudices. I aim to document the neighborhood using the typology of materials catalogs from 3D modeling programs, and then create pieces that occupy the exhibition space to highlight, dissect and rethink these identity codes that are loaded with meanings.