A series of short videogames about common stories from Madrid City. 


Through the images, beliefs, and aspirations of the owners and customers of a small business called Elecmar S.L., this project aims to explore the complexities and contradictions of local commerce in order to think about how the market plays a pernicious role in the lives of everyday people.

This project digs into stories that show how big providers’ greed floods retailers with excessive stock and it consequences, how small businesses are forced to discard it even with the tremendous environmental impact of its components, how commercial malls and online stores have reduced de interrelationships of the local communities, samples of the technicals’ little pettiness versus the innocence of customers or how some citizens see themselves forced to use sloppy strategies to save energy and try to lower the energy bill.

Photography and Project

Ignacio Navas

Voice and Stories

Alfondo and Emilio (Elecmar)