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-> Latest: Kickflip (Prototype 0.1.0) at Adolescencia Programada. Curated by Daniel Silvo.

Ignacio Navas (b. 1989, Tudela, Spain) is a photographer based in Madrid.

In his work he researches how political, economic and social structures are made present and shape our everyday affaires. In his latest projects he is exploring new interactive paths for the medium by creating non fictional photography-based videogames.

His images and publications have been presented as part of solo and collective exhibitions in Spain, England, Guatemala and Colombia. In 2022 he was nominated by PhotoEspaña to become part of the Futures platform. His works feature in Exit, ABC Cultural and Clavoardiendo Magazine, amongst others.

Along with seven other photographers he currently runs El Local, a new independent space for photography in Madrid.

· Uma “carta” para o sul e o norte. Collective exhibition at Festival Foto Paranapicaba (Brazil).
· Return2Ithaca residency program (Greece).
· Nadar y guardar la ropa at FOAM Link Room, Spain under Franco. Curated by Valeria Posada Villada and Winke Wiegersma. FOAM, Amsterdam (Online).
· Skatepark_Tudela (Prototype) at La Previa. Collective exhibition. El Local, Madrid.

2022-2010 (SELECTED)

· Futures platform. Selected by PhotoEspaña.
· Best Photobooks of the Year. PhotoEspaña Festival. La Fábrica, Madrid.
· Reiniciar Ahora. Collective exhibition with a chatbot written by Javier Martín-Jiménez. Galería Nueva Dr. Fourquet, Madrid.
· Cyclo. Sala Pirandello (Curated by María Rojas, project supported by INJUVE), Madrid.
· Fama Fest. Zines and Self Publising festival. Matadero Madrid - Casa del Lector, Madrid.
· El Norte in “No hay imágenes sin imaginación”. Slide Show curated by Alejandro Castellote, Chema Conesa and Nerea Ubieto at Centro Nacional de Fotografía e Imagen, Soria.
· Mr. Stupid shortlisted for Best 2021 National Photography Book by PhotoEspaña.
· Comité. Galería Nueva Las Letras, Madrid.
· .PDF. Ey!Studio, Madrid.
· Chatra Photobook Festival, Rome.
· Mr. Stupid. Curated by Jesús Micó. La Kursala, Cádiz.
· Gasoline. Biblioteca Regional Joaquín Leguina. Photobook exhibition curated by Sara Fernández, Madrid.
· Photography Fellowship, Santa María de Albarracín Foundation.
· Photobook Show. Fabrica, Brighton.
· изложба на Фотокниги. Zine exhibition curated by Fanzinant at ФотоФабрика Festival. Instituto Cervantes, Sofia
· Prints, papers and photos. Zine exhibition curated by Fanzinant. El Imparcial, Madrid.
· First Prize Young Navarrese artists.
· La contrarevolución de los Caballos, curated by Marta Echaves. Can Felipa, Barcelona.
· Goverment of Navarre Visual Arts Production Exhibition. Huarte Art Center, Huarte.
· Prints, papers and photos, Papelcontinuo Festival. La Térmica, Málaga.
· Goverment of Navarre Visual Arts Production Fellowship.
· Linde. Curated by Alexandra Baurès UPNA, Pamplona.
· DIWO. Do It With Others. Prácticas autoeditadas en los lenguajes de la imagen, Fiebre. CentroCentro, Madrid.
· Guatephoto Festival, by being finalist at photobook award of Guatephoto festival, Guatemala City.
· Alter-retrato, curated by Pedro Torres. The Folio Club, Barcelona.
· Zines de barrio. CA2M (library), Móstoles.
· El Norte at The Night of Photography. Slide show during Getxophoto Festival, Getxo.
· Yolanda Zine. Ephemeral exhibition at Ponce + Robles Gallery, Madrid.
· Auto-edit. Huarte Contemporary Art Cener, Huarte.
· Photobook show, Photo Biennal of Brighton. Jubilee Library, Brighton.
· NO COMMENTS, Slide show during PhotoEspaña at Telefónica Foundation. Curated by Julián Barón, Madrid.
· Fanzinismo. Blank Paper School, zine exhibition during PhotoEspaña Festival, Madrid.
· Yolanda. Curated by Tania Pardo. Raquel Ponce Gallery, Madrid.
· Selected for Emergentes DTS 2013 at the Encontros do imagen Festival, Braga.
· Selected for Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña 2013, Madrid.
· Selected for Open Studio, Madrid.
· C-Zine. El Parquero, Bogotá
· Critical Context. 21st century Spanish photography,curated by Rosa Olivares / Museology. Tabacalera, Madrid.
· Books that are photos, photos that are books, curated by Horacio Fernandez. Documentary center and library of Reina Sofía Museum National Art Center.
· Fanzinismo. zine exhbition Blow UP, Córdoba.
· BLOG, RE-BLOG. A project by Max Marshall and Paul Paper: 200 images, curated by 200 photographers. Signal Gallery, New York.
· Selected for be part of II Encontro de Artistas Novos <<Cidade da cultura>>, Santiago de Compostela.
· Galería de Guerrilla. Curated by La Pantemonio Group. Campo de la Cebada, Madrid.
· Cartilla de razonamiento. ASM28 Gallery, Madrid.
· Instant Coffees. IC-Visual Lab, Bristol.
· Linde at Photograpy Micro Festival. Slide show at Espacio Menosuno, Madrid.
· Fotoaplauso VII. Slide show at Encomendadoras Square, Madrid.
· Intransit 2011


· El Local. An independant space for photography in Madrid.
· Archivo público de dossieres.

· Reiniciar Ahora. Collective exhibition with a chatbot written by Javier Martín-Jiménez. Galería Nueva Dr. Fourquet, Madrid.
· El Disparate X El Juglar. An independent Art Book Fair. Sala El Juglar, Madrid.
· El Disparate. A independant photographers network to self-representation at photobook fairs.

· La Emergencia. An artist cooperative. We tried to self-management our work in a collective way by offering exhibition projects to several institutions. Big fail, but it was fun.
· Fanzinismo. Exhibition curated with Andrés Cobacho to unravel the different typologies and strategies that we photographers use to self-publish zines focusing on the Spanish works. Blank Paper School Madrid, PhotoEspaña 2014 and Blow-Up, Córdoba.
· Marca España (Spanish brand) with José Jurado, David Crespo and Arantxa Boyero. Exhibition about the idea and images of Spain in other countries. ECC, Berlín.
· Photobooks Invaders, in collaboration with Zunder Collective. Matadero - Casa del Lector, Madrid.
· La vida es así. Art and precariousness, self-management as a way out. BBAA UCM, Madrid.