It all begins two years ago, in 2011, when Ignacio Navas discovers in a photograph of his own baptism the existence of an unknown young woman holding him in her arms. Who is it? What is her name? Seeking to find out who she is and reconstruct his life becomes an obsession that materializes as Yolanda. A series of snapshots taken from family albums are intermingled with recent pictures taken by the young photographer in the settings in which the life of this young woman unfolded. It is a story loaded with generational references, remnants of a life cut short, a tale imbued with considerable emotional restraint, wich is also a perusal of a love story.

- Tania Pardo

Yolanda is a book about youth, Yolanda is a book about drugs, Yolanda is a book about AIDS. Yolanda is a book about the rise (short) and fall (long) of a teenager and her boyfriend who never completely succeed to become adults. Ignacio calls his book a zine, but it’s a bit thicker and it can stand the comparison with books.

-Christer Ek


production PULSE PRINT
translation SARAH BLANQUET

Self-published zine. First edition of 200 spanish + 200 english.
Digital color printing. 96 pages, 22×14,5 cm.
2014 Madrid.

Archive photographs, most of them from the 80s and 90s and 2011-2013 photographs.
Thanks to the collaboration of Local Archive of Tudela.

To my uncle.