Prototype 0.0.6 exhibited in El Local (Madrid).


Most of my teenage memories are linked to skateboarding.

Skating, to me, was a constant search for freedom. We used to skate on my hometown’s streets and public squares, until they built a skatepark on thecity outskirts.

Maybe it was the passing of the years or just the controversial 2000s, but it was a turning point for my crew and me.

This piece is an invitation to walk through that space and discover thetraces we left there. The skatepark is the trigger to go back to the decade that we have grown, an excuse to critically revisit the 2000s starting from the image and anecdotes of a group of friends that dig into teens’ rebellion and their clumsiness, the search for identity through music, misunderstood role models, adolescent fights, or first loves.

The photographic project is presented in a videogame format, created from pictures and voice recordings in an attempt to expand the photographic practice towards new interactive paths.