PALOS DE LA FRONTERA, 42 (2022-2023)

I have been living in this building for almost two years and I barely know any of my neighbors. Sometimes I wonder if I could know the kind of people my neighbors are just by looking at the names printed on the mail boxes’ plates. Do they own the apartment or do they rent it? Are they conservative or progressive people? What party do they vote for? Do they like music and, if so, what kind of music are they into? Just by glancing at the names on the plates, one can know that, in my apartment building, several men live alone. That’s not the case for any of the women. One can’t help but wonder why. Others seem to live with their families, and as I read the names of the sons and daughters on the plates, I wonder whether they have left their parents’ house already. Is somebody taking care of them? Do they feel lonely?