The Spanish flag as a curtain in front of a door window.


Since Franco’s Dictatorship, the current colors of the Spanish national flag became a symbol associated with the right-wing parties. To display a flag or wear a garment with its colors was understood as a strong political statement in support of this ideology.

Following the historical performance of the Spanish football team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, many citizens from all over the political spectrum raised the Spanish flag on their balconies to show their support to the football players. At that time, we thought that maybe we had finally reconciled ourselves with this national symbol, but sadly there wasn't, and setting up a flag became again a proclamation from the right-wing and far-right politics.

If we pay attention to the manner and places where these flags are hung, we find a precise radiography of our national feeling, like this project’s title: “Nadar y guardar la ropa”, a Spanish expression that means “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”, great metaphors of our tangled idea of patriotism.

The Spanish flag covering a satellite dish on a brick balcony.

The Spanish flag above a massage center, hung from a balcony together with laundry.

The Spanish flag on a flag pole, torn in half.