One defining moment in Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign was the promulgation of his famous sentence  “The economy, stupid,” later embraced into pop culture as “It’s the economy, stupid.”

I like to regard this sentence as a creation myth, the genesis of a whole new culture. A culture drawn by the whims of the market; real estate investment that shape up cities, marketing strategies determining desirable conduct models based on selling product lines, or the labour ferocity taking place in the ground floors of our homes, with companies piling their ads over that of their competitors.

The goal of James Carville (Clinton’s lead strategist) when he coined this sentence was to take votes away from George H. W. Bush’s electorate by focusing on everyday problems that all his compatriots could relate to. But, inadvertently, he created a character: Mr. Stupid; the inhabitant of a western democracy immersed in the culture of Capital.

To project the subjective reality of this character, I have used both traditional photography and photogrammetry. This mixture of regular photography and photogrammetry allows me to build an hyper-reality that puts us directly under the skin of Mr. Stupid.

These pictures are the personal diary of that character: a long term project for explore the identities created by market forces under this Capital culture, focusing on the tensions, the discrete violence and the often contradictory situations that this culture is creating.


proofreading ROSALÍA RAMOS
3D assistant AITOR FIUS
prepress LA TROUPE

With the support of La Kursala & Gobierno de Navarra.

Box with 6 30x40cm photographs + 32 pages text.
2021 (Unlimited Prints #0)